Using Our Body’s Natural Components to Look Younger

There’s a new trend in cosmetic surgery that’s capturing everyone’s attention. It’s a new method that uses the body’s ability to regenerate itself and keep skin looking younger. Our body is made up of many elements that have tremendous powers for growth and regeneration. The two most commonly used are blood and body fat.
Our challenge is to isolate these elements and use them safely so we can determine how well this method works.

Autologous Products

The first product, which can be extracted from our own blood, is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

A blood sample collected from the patient is separated in a centrifuge and combined with calcium. This allows us to gather the growth platelets used in tissue rejuvenation.
The new substance is then injected directly into the skin at specific problem areas, such as:

  • facial, neck and cleavage lines
  • dark lines under the eyes
  • hands
  • acne scars

This substance is designed to improve skin texture and pigmentation.

Research is being done in other areas; for example using these substances in surgery or with skin treatments like dermabrasion.

We can also foresee combining this treatment with other injectable products such as hyaluronic acid (hyaluron) and botulinum toxin, also known as Botox®.

Patients will start to see improvements to their skin within two to three weeks.

The treatment is hypoallergenic because it is an autologous product (extracted from our own body). A patient may experience side effects, such as redness, swelling and slight bruising, but these symptoms rarely last more than 48 hours.

A second substance used in this treatment is taken from the patient’s body fat. In this case, a surgical operation, such as liposuction, is required to remove the amount of body fat required. This intervention can also be combined with another surgical procedure.

As this article shows, we can use our body’s natural capacity for regeneration to improve our skin’s appearance.

Dr Jacques Haddad MD
Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgeon

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