Laser, how it works?

Laser is an acronym for: Light by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser is used for multiple purposes in medicine including aesthetic surgery. In plastic surgery, it’s used for aesthetic skin treatment. Laser use heat as its mechanism of action. With its precision, it helps select precisely the skin layer to treat with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.

Laser work through series of mirrors that concentrate the light. Depending on the light color, or more specifically the wavelength, it target specific skin component. The CO2 laser is the most common one used for skin rejuvenation. It removes or ablates a thin layer of skin in a very precise manner. It’s skin resurfacing. In this manner, the wrinkles are reduced and the heat shrink collagen fibres leading to skin tightening. Clinically, it improves skin: aging, texture, tone and pigmentation. It diminishes skin wrinkles.

Good candidate are: light skin color patient seeking improvement in skin texture, wrinkles, color and laxity.

Possible side effects: prolonged redness and delayed healing. It can activate some viral skin infection. Patient may need prophylactic antimicrobial treatment. The use of solar cream is mandatory before and after treatment for the longevity of the results.

Laser act differently on the skin than surgery. Actually it is a perfect adjunct to a surgical plan.