Forehead lift

The forehead surgery is addressed for patients seeking improvement in eyes opening, diminishing forehead creases and forehead lifting.

Patients can expect improving: eyelid hooding, forehead positioning, and better facial balancing for a younger look.
Forehead Lift

Forehead Lift

Techniques of forehead surgery
Multiple choices exists:Open technique: incision done in the hair or at the hairline. Closed or endoscopic technique: done through multiples small incisions with a camera. Consultation is the best way to decide the best technique suited for the patient. Surgery is practiced under sedation and can be combined with other facial procedures.
Convalescence from forehead surgery
Patients need to rest, keep head elevated and apply cold compresses on the eyes. Shower can be taken the next day. Regular activities can be started back progressively the week after the surgery.

Getting ready for forehead surgery
All patients need to stop smoking and taking blood thinners medications. Nothing to eat and drink before the surgery. The skin needs to be cleaned with antiseptic soap.
After forehead surgery
If patients develop: impressive swelling, redness, fever, wound discharge, they should seek medical assistance.
Risk and complications
Bleeding, infection, forehead asymmetry, visible scars, partial hair loss around the scars. Partial descent of the forehead, transient scalp numbness and possible diminished forehead mobility.

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Forehead lift



Redrapage du front avec blépharoplastie (Avant - Après)
Endoscopique forehead lift with blepharolasty Forehead lift

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