Facial implants surgery

The surgery is addressed for patients seeking improvement in facial balancing and proportion. Usually it is combined with other surgeries: nasal, face or eyelid.

Patient can expect more balanced facial proportion.
Surgical technique for facial implant surgery
The most common facial implant used, is the chin implant. The safest incision is neck incision for implant placement.
Convalesce from facial implant surgery
Shower can be taken 48 hours after surgery. Activity can be taken progressively as tolerated.

Getting ready for implant surgery
All patients need to stop: smoking, taking blood thinner’s medications. Nothing to eat and drink before the surgery. The skin needs to be cleaned with antiseptic soap before the surgery.
What to watch after surgery
If patient experience excessive swelling, redness, fever and wound discharge, they should seek medical assistance.
Risk and complications
Implant displacement, infection are most common complications associated with implant surgery.

Galerie photos

Neck lift (cervicoplasty)

Facial implants



implant-menton-2-avant-apres implant-menton-1-avant-apres
Chin implant



Implant_RedrapageCou_1 Implant_RedrapageCou_2
Chin implant

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