This surgery is addressed for patient having skin creases that can’t be corrected with skin tightening procedures like facelift. Usually those creases are secondary to sun damage and smoking. The whole face can be treated with this technique, but the lips are the most treated area.

Patient can expect, healthier skin texture with less creases.

Surgical technique of dermabrasion
The surgery is done with a rotatory devise used to abrade superficially the skin. This help regenerating a healthier skin layer.
Convalescence from dermabrasion
Instruction will be given to apply: wet gauze with acetic acid solution (vinegar) to help removing crust. Then applying the aquaphor cream. Prolonged redness is expected after the surgery. Make up and sun cream can be applied 2 weeks after the surgery when the healing is completed.

Getting ready for dermabrasion
All patients need to stop: smoking, taking blood thinners medications. Nothing to eat and drink before the surgery. The skin needs to be cleaned with antiseptic soap. Before the surgery, all patients will receive antibiotic and antiviral treatment to prevent infection.
What to watch for after the surgery
Skin ulceration or redness that can be signs of infection.
Under correction of skin creases, abnormal scarring or skin whitening on the long term can occur.

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