Breast reduction

This surgery is addressed for patient wanting to decrease of breast size and lifting. It reduces back pain and improves comfort during physical activity. It also makes clothing easier.

After breast reduction surgery, the patient can expect more symmetry and less skin irritation. Usually breast size is downgraded by 1-2 bra size.
Réduction mammaire

Breast Reduction

Technical aspects
Liposuction can be used for small breast reduction. For the open technique, multiple incisions can be used: around the nipple incision, vertical or inverted T incision. The surgery is done under general anaesthesia
Keep head elevated. Weight and arm lifting permitted as tolerated. The bra is used at least on the first week. Shower is taken 48 hours after surgery. No chest soaking in water like bath or pool before a month. Off work for 7-10 days. Physical exercises 2-4 weeks after the surgery.

Getting ready
All patients need to stop: smoking, taking blood thinner’s medications. Nothing to eat and drink before the surgery. The skin needs to be cleaned with antiseptic soap.
What to watch
Excessive swelling, redness, fever and wound discharge.
Infection, bleeding, wound opening, skin or nipple necrosis (sloughing). Diminishing of nipple sensation, visible scaring and recurrence of breast descent.

Related fees

  • Surgery
    Starting at $6 500
    (taxes included)

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Breast augmentation before-after

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