Breast Surgery


The choice of breast implant

Breast augmentation and breast implant surgery are for patients who want to increase the volume of their breasts, add curves to their chest area, restore a loss of volume, correct sagging, and improve the firmness of their bust.

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Breast augmentation

Many types of implants can be used along with various styles and implant shapes. We can also place the implant in different areas. This procedure can be combined with a lift if sagging is significant. Women can undergo this procedure at any point in their lives and for many reasons: during their youth, after a pregnancy, or after their first breast surgery.

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Breast reduction

A breast reduction is for patients who experience back pain, problems trying to find clothes that fit comfortably, or skin irritation around the breasts. This procedure is also for patients who want to improve their comfort during physical activities.

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Male breast surgery for men

Breast surgery for men is for patients with an excess of glands or fat around the chest area. This can be attributed to natural growth, weight gain, or medication.

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