Thigh lift

This surgery is addressed for patient who needs lifting and improving thigh shape and firmness. The good candidates needs to: have realistic expectations and keep a healthy lifestyle for a more permanent result.

The patient can expect improvement in thigh tightness and better balance between the lower and upper body part.
Technical aspects of thigh lift surgery
2 incisions can be done: -The groin incision where this is hidden. -The vertical or longitudinal one if more correction is needed. -Excess of tissues are removed and the remaining ones are lifted The surgery is done under general anaesthesia.
Convalescence from thigh surgery
Wound management and dressing are changed frequently from day one. Early mobilisation is encouraged.

Getting ready for thigh lift
All patients need to stop smoking and taking blood thinners medications. Nothing to eat and drink before the surgery. The skin needs to be cleaned with an antiseptic soap.
What to watch for after thigh surgery
High lift
Risk and complications
Bleeding, infection, visible scaring and recurrence of soft tissue descent.

Related fees

  • Surgery
    Starting at $6 800
    (taxes included)

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Thigh lift



Horizontal thigh lift Thigh lift



Lipectomie redrapage des cuisses vertical (Avant - Après)
Vertical thigh lift Thigh lift

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