Liposuction is addressed for patients seeking improvement in silhouette contour and shape. It removes undesirable fat collection. A good candidate is a patient having a good skin tone, a healthy lifestyle and a stable weight. This gives a long-term results.

The patient can expect improvement in his silhouette and contour symmetry.


Technical aspects of liposuction
It is done with small cannula through tiny holes. It can be applied to most body parts. The Fat removed, can be transferred to areas where volume is lacking (exp: buttock). Skin tone and total volume removed can be the limiting factors. Surgery can be done under local or general anaesthesia.
Convalescence from liposuction
The patient need to: be well hydrated, stay active and wear her garments. Dressing is removed on the next day and shower is taken then. Off work for a week. Back to normal activity progressively after.

Getting ready for liposuction
All patients need to stop: smoking, taking blood thinner’s medications. Nothing to eat and drink before the surgery. The skin needs to be cleaned with antiseptic soap.
Risk and complications
Contour asymmetry, skin relaxation, deep tissue injury.

Related fees

  • Surgery
    Starting at $5 350
    (taxes included)

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